Sunday, October 01, 2000

PoD: thoughtstorm results

PAUL HEERE just sent me an email with the results of a thoughtstorm on the essential properties of Pay-on-Demand (PoD).

The number of plus (+) and minus (-) shows howmuch response there was on the items mentioned. [Response means non-verbal (dis-)approvement e.g. nodding etc)

1. +++ PoD stimulates entrepreneurship (example. go to the neighbours and clean their toilet)
2. ++ Utilizes the internet principle of marketplace for request and offer
3. ++ Liberal system
4. -/+ It is a streaming, continuous process
5. + It offers chances to develop talents
6. ++ Payment is ensured, non-payers do not exist anymore
7. Your value is measured by your actions
8. +++ Elderly can make themselves usefull
9. ++ No more difference between work/non work/out-of-tax-sight work
10. ++ No more buffer needed for later (like pension - money u get when reaching age of 65)
11. + Streams create streams
12. + Networking becomes important
13. +++ Commitment to community, it is certain that it will come back
14. ++ PoD is opponent of the coolness that the internet offers --> human contact
15. +/- Funny that a product can stream, but also pay (compare cellphone)
16. +/- From A to B can also be from A to D, from C to B
17. There is more social interaction. In current society goes: in the process of buying you create distance.
18. + People are more likely to get together, see LETS communities on the internet
19. Give and take are getting closer together
20. Give and take are replaced by exchange
21. It is fluent energy, the initiative may very well come from the one that offers
22.++ PoD is a good system for enhancement of the integration of foreigners, a lot of them are used to a culture of negotiation
23. ++ It is borderless, universal
24. +/- That is why the internet is such a success

During the preparations following was observed:
- PoD could work as a love relationship, in which an invisible balance exists between give and take. One does expect something back, but it is not calculated.
- How long can anyone get without repentance?
- PoD could be a society where money no longer exists. Instead, wealth is used; people get what they should have and give what they should give. Because of wealth there is space.