Tuesday, December 06, 2005

ATTN: How to order with the universe?

Today i experienced yet another example of how attention works.

My girlfriend is looking for a new house. She visited some, and was charmed by one particular house. But there were some minors that made her reconsider. The bathroom on the first floor (2nd floor in US language) did not have a toilet. The kitchen was previous generation. And so on.

Earlier this week, suddenly, she came across this other house. New bathroom, with toilet. Marvellous kitchen. It had everything. Yet, the seller said there were already people making a bid. So there was no deal at this moment.

This morning she called the owner of the first house. Said she preferred the other house; but that she had to wait. And that he, the owner of the first house, need not call her until she would reopen her interest in this first house.

Later this day she and i were walking. And she told me about her phone call. She said : i have kept the communication open, with the owner of the first house. I said why? Why would you settle for less? And when she wanted to answer me, i said : please stay with the question - why would you settle for less? Then she said : you know what, Ron? You're right.

The minute she said it, her phone rang. Couldn't have been more than 2 or 3 seconds. Guess who? The owner of the house she loved, rang her up and said the other people were no longer in the race and she could make her bid.

I have seen this happen time and again. Decision, in latin, means : choose one option and then cut yourself off from any other option. The art of deciding is not simple : it means you need to have access to your own free will, to your own feelings. It means you need to know what it is that you truly want. But then, right when you know what you want, when you cease to manipulate and have it your way, when you just focus on what you want and leave it up to the universe to decide how to deliver it to you, right at that time the universe will come to aid and surprise you.

Does this story sound familiar? Am i the only one to believe that the meaning of life is to find out what it is that you truly want?

Please respond in any way you want.
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