Friday, August 14, 2009

Interview with my mind

Two days ago i received an email from my friend Steve, who wrote:

"Ron, I have the feeling you may be one of the few who understands this: -- are you calling in in October?"

Steve's article is called "The end of beautiful dreaming", and it discusses the paradox of a mind that does its work.
So i decided to interview my mind, to celebrate my friendship with Steve.

Ron: dear Mind, i am doing this interview with You to celebrate our friendship with Steve. i hope You don't mind that i use You to formulate my questions?
I: not at all! it's Part of what I do for a living.

Ron: before we start, is there anything on You right now that needs to be expressed first?
I: you know, Ron, I have meant to tell you this earlier, but... (pauzes) ... well, letting Steve's article sink in, triggered a thought. I mean, I am so grateful for living in the penthouse of your body. It has such a nice View !

Ron: You are very welcome ! isn't that a Feeling that You describe? i didn't know minds had Feelings ?
I: yes that is quite often the case. people don't realize that Minds have Feelings too.

Heart: can i say something?
Ron: please go ahead.

(a short silence. an emotion of deep sorrow emerges. tears come out. then again silence)

Ron: thank you !

(Ron is still silent)

I: that was wonderful !
I: why do You say that?
I: it's Part of what I do !

( while Mind is having a conversation with itself, Ron is still impressed with the silence of the Heart )

I: Ron are you there?
Ron: yes, i am back. excuse me for leaving.
I: glad to have you back, Ron !
Ron: is this what happens when i disconnect from You? that you start talking to Your self ?
I: well ... yes ... I mean ...

( Mind seems to be a bit confused now. Ron pays attention only. Time ceases to exist. Heart is smiling. This is Her language. )

I: Ron, I think the interview is over.
I: who gave You that thought?
Ron: ok, ok, I get the message !
I: welcome back, Ron !

( Ron feels the patience, and the faithfulness, the loyalty of his Mind. A deep sense of gratitude comes from within. )

I: we need to talk.
Ron: yes
I: I'll do the talking.
Ron: yes

I: I want to talk about the things Steve writes about in his article. About Step 1, the dominance of the mind. and about Step 2, the regeneration of feeling. And I also want to discuss the issue of what reality is.
Ron: yes, excellent. anything else You want to talk about?
I: No, I think I am fully satisfied now. thank you Ron !
Ron: it was our pleasure !