Saturday, August 03, 2002

PG: the Avatar course 2002

I'm on this AVATAR course. Avatar is about belief management. The Avatar master wants to know why i have come here. I tell him my story. All my life i have been waiting. I don't know why i'm waiting or whom i'm waiting for. But it definitely affects my life and i want to get it out of my system.

During the course, i have a vision. I'm lying in a room. It's totally dark around me. With my hands i can feel the ceiling above me. This is weird. I hear voices coming from above, footsteps of people. Suddenly i realize i'm in a child's grave. I try to shout 'let me out, i'm not dead'. But the people don't understand where the sound comes from, and they leave.

By the end of the course i find the answer to my question. This is not my life. I'm a placeholder, waiting for another person to show up and retake what is rightfull his.