Monday, February 28, 2005

ATTN: book Winning by Sharing - Leon Benjamin

In his forthcoming book 'Winning by sharing', Leon mentions Decisionality.

What the paragraph tells me is that the granularity of our product 'Attention' could be as small as a quark. While the current paradigm is one person selling his or her attention for 8 hours a day, we might in fact consider selling particles of attention of 50,000 ecademy members, or maybe 1 billion people worldwide on the internet, in a totally new way.

I wonder what the implications are. There have been some experiments back in 1993 with the Washington DC police and 4,000 TM people concurrently praying for violence crime rates to decrease. The hypothesis was that HRA crime rates would drop with as much as 25% during that particular summer. And guess what? They did.

Just to give you the idea of what is possible. Well, hoping to shake you into the next gear.
Looking fwd to experience your valuable resonance.
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One can not change and remain the same person.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

ATTN: am i right?

Recently i read a book by Brandon Bays called The Journey. I forgot just about anything in the book when i read this one sentence near the end. It struck me like nothing before. It said: Never doubt the other person.

As far as i understand it now, it translates somewhere along the lines like this: as long as i feel any doubt, no matter how small, that i would have acted or thought any other way than the other person has done, then it is me who does not understand the other person completely. In other words, when i really understand the other person, there is no more difference in action or in thought between me and the other person.

This is the road from not-knowing to knowing. Krishnamurti uses unknowing, which is the road from knowing to not-knowing. The latter is what we use here on this forum and it is called dialogue. Essentially these are the same, but sometimes the one is on the surface and the other is down below, sometimes it is the other way round. This is also law of two, the law of apparently opposites.

While i type this i try to figure out if this makes any sense. Please don't say yes or no, find out yourself. Let us share our views.
Let the dialogue commence...
One can not change and remain the same person.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

PG: Fox Hunting: are we being two faced?

My father was a hunter. He used to say: when i shoot an animal, people will boo me. Then a bug harrasses them and they kill it without a blink of the eye.

My father was a man who loved nature more than anything. Thats where his life was, that is where he died. I was one of the first people to find him at the place of death. It was late in the evening and he probably died early afternoon. It was out in the open, next to a clay pigeon shooting terrain.

When i was a child, so many times he let me accompany him on the hunt. And so many times i stood next to him as we saw the animal being shot by this hunter who was my dad. He loved to hunt, though i knew he felt hunting is not a blessing. Strange as it is, he could not stand animals in pain. This man, my dad, was lying there in the field, far away from any road. It really struck me to see him lying there, like i had seen dead creatures so many times.

My father wasn´t ill, he just missed my mum who passed away six months earlier. And just as i am writing this, a bird flies into my house. I know her, she comes to my garden every morning when i throw a slice of bread for her and her partner. She goes straight to the other side of the room, wants to escape through the window. But she can't. I think its great she visits me, but the bird is not giving up, not at ease. I see how she's hurting herself against the window, flying up and down. I catch her and let her out. There she goes.

No need to paint her. No need to paint any animal actually. No need to paint my dad, or any fellow human, nor his actions.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

PG: Your enemy is always right

A few years ago i attended the event 'Creativity and ethics'. One of the speakers was a young guy, i think 26 at that time. He was a professional demonstrator from when he was 16, going out on the streets, throwing stones at the police and stuff. When i talked to him he worked as an IT-person for an organization i think it was Greenpeace.

Up to that day i had severe prejudice against people like him. Having never met them, i knew they were all bad and useless, in fact a threat to society. It was on that day that i asked this young man about his passion. Why he did what he did.

Something changed inside my mind from that day on. The thing i remember was that i started to understand that each and every voice has a message of value to those addressed. Usually these people don't want to hear the voice; think of what Greenpeace did to Shell, the South African boycot etc.

Here is the lesson i learned. If someone upsets me, be it in business or in private life, i should go out, pay the person a visit and listens to what (s)he has to say. I should try not to argue, i should try to learn. Knowing my own arguements, telling them is not the same as learning.

From my personal experience, this can be a very harsh task. I found myself not ready for a long long time. In fact, there is only one person here on earth that i am still not ready for. Needless to say she's the only person so far who has really introduced me to this wasteland outside my comfort zone. But don't let this interfere with your life. After all, if you did what i did you'd end up having my problems right?

Check HERE for an example of what could happen...

Monday, February 14, 2005

ATTN: Attention course MBSR

The site of Johan Tinge offers attention training as a means of stress reduction. The course is based up on the work by dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn called "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" (MBSR). This lead to the Stress Reduction Clinic (1979) at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester (USA)