Thursday, July 20, 2006

ATTN: Here's an exercise to experience the third dimension

Bilocality is two opposite perspectives on one and the same area.

The movements in Bilocality
Movement is that which has no beginning, no end. Jiddhu Krishnamurti.

  • in zero dimensions, the movement looks like no movement. Oneness. No borders, no contrast, no movement.
  • adding a first dimension, the movement looks like a swing. Back and forth. Contract and expand.
  • adding a second dimension, the movement looks like a cycle. Breathing. Seasons. Daybreak is at the end of one swing ; nightbreak at the other end.
  • adding a third dimension, the movement looks like a spiral. (*)
  • adding a fourth dimension, the movement looks like this : the spiral contracts and expands. Like going from wide, into a narrow tunnel or mirror, to wide

(*) To understand the third dimension, here's an exercise i picked up from Hans Planje, astrology teacher with Aurinko in the Netherlands. From their website: Aurinko is Finnish language, means "Sun". The symbol for the Essence, symbol for thé source of creativity and self expression. Thé creative power of the human being is to create life by living it. Aurinko wants to participate by teaching you a means that shows you what life is.

Exercise to experience the third dimension
Find two other people, the three of you find a large enough space to experience spiral movement. The experience is that of the moon running circles around the earth, while the earth runs circles around the sun. You represent the moon; the second person represents the earth; the third person represents the sun. Afterwards you can change roles, so everyone gets a chance to see, or rather to feel, the differences in viewpoint.

Beginning position:
The sun stands in the middle of the room.
The earth stands at a distance to the sun, such that in 365 steps she makes a full circle around the sun.
The moon stands in between sun and earth, as close as possible to the earth. With every step the earth makes, the moon completes one full circle around the earth.

Direction of movement:
is reverse-clockwise at all times. So from north to west to south to east to north.

Walking instructions:
The sun does not move because this is experience is limited to three dimensions.
The earth starts walking around the sun, paying attention ONLY to the sun.
The moon starts walking around the earth, paying attention ONLY to the earth.

Goal of the experience:
We want to let the moon experience something, so the earth should keep up the same speed at all times, paying attention ONLY to the sun. The pace is whatever the moon can handle.

Enjoy !

I-Name: =Ronald.Wopereis

Author of "Bilocality and the inner world of attention".

Why change ?

Friday, July 14, 2006

ATTN: Pleading guilty

Think 1,000s of years
Think how the women were oppressed
and how, at the dawn of this millennium,
the women are asking the men to listen to her accusation
of violence
of suppression
of distance,
of resistence to she, who is his source and destiny.

Where are the men ,
who will not run away
when the women need to look him straight into the face
when they tell him of all their sufferings?

This is a story in small, within one family
it is a story of female versus male energy balance
it is the story of Kerry Santo and Modo Fac Central
of Nefertiti and Akhenaton
your story, my story
it's bigger than just you and me,
can't you see ?

The woman needs the man, more than ever,
to acknowledge what he did to her for centuries,
to say "yes we did", to plead guilty to the accusations of the women

The message needs to be heard
only then
it is possible for her to show her love
that which has never left her

There need not be a penalty
Nelson Mandela showed us how.
Just this acknowledge, this seeing of the suffering of the women
and that it should end.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

ATTN: How i made friends with my ego

I experienced a shift in consciousness when i made friends with “my ego”.

Until that moment, i had always experienced my ego as an outside person, stronger than me, who would always prevent me from doing this or that, or persuade me to do such and so.

Then, one night, i was attending a lecture at the esoteric school that i joined. The teacher was speaking about the law of two, the law of apparently opposites. Black and white, thumb and fingers, red and white bloodcells. He instructed us to seek 1,000 examples of this law of two; and if you don't get it by then, he added, seek another 1,000 examples, until you do.

Further instruction included counting. He said our mind loves to count, so when you're on the road, count cars, lamp posts, trees, it really doesn't matter what you count.

So i was on my way to the south of the Netherlands. And i was counting. You know, my mind just LOVED it. I was having a great time. I thought.

And suddenly, there was this shift. Suddenly, i came to realize that my mind was no longer protecting me. While my mind was counting, i was seeking examples of the law of two. And all of a sudden, my mind came back to me from playing. “What are you doing?” it asked. And i had to confess that i was collecting samples of the law of two. My mind realized that it was inevitably going to be affected by this collecting of samples. And i got really sad. In fact i cried my eyes out.

It was then that i realized my mind had been my guard all along. Like Peter and the Wolf, little Peter with his wooden gun, guarding the house while i was away. Brave on the outside, but scared on the inside, longing for me to come home.

That is where i made friends with my ego, with my mind.

Best regards, Ron

Friday, July 07, 2006

ATTN: A new theory of attention - part one

Love and attention are the high and low tide of our energy system.

Love is the food, flowing from the whole to its parts.
Where there is a movement, there is also a countermovement.
Attention is the the existential emptiness, the flow backwards from the parts to their whole.

And then there is the holon, the whole for its parts and the part within the whole.

When we consider love and attention, whole and parts, there are several orders to be observed.

One is time, where the parent is born before the child. And so the parent is the whole.
The child pays attention to the parent, in order to receive the love from the parent. And the parent decides how and when they will give their love to their child. This is what brings about conditioning.

One is again time, where the person was a child before he became an adult. Let's name the person as a child the "inner child", then the adult pays attention to the inner child. This inner child then radiates love to the adult. Such love is often called passion, or pain, or creativity, depending on context.

In nature, love and attention are seldomly used. For love, the word food usually applies. And for attention, it seems there is no word. The mother bird flies to the nest with a wurm in her mouth. The young birds spread their mouth wide open. Love is the food. What are the wide open mouths? Do young birds pay attention to their mother?

The last example in this part one, is where the whole is the woman and the parts are the man. Use other words if you like. For the woman: female energy, the intuition. For the man: male energy, the mind. So the mind pays attention to the intuition. And the intuition radiates love to the mind.

Why is this all of any importance? Consider the human being a drop of water in the ocean of love and attention. Would a drop of water ever get tired? So why would a human being get tired? Of what?

Additional comments from this same Ecademy blog :

yes absolutely
i think love and attention are the tides of our own psychic energy system.

in responding to your message, i wanted to use the word "chi" for psychic energy. i looked up the word in wikipedia and could not find it. then searched for energy and landed here :

Conservation of energy states that the total amount of energy (including potential energy) in a closed system remains constant. In other words, energy can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed. In modern physics, all forms of energy exhibit mass and all mass is a form of energy.

I think love and attention also obey this rule. Paying attention is creating space. Quantum theory represents an object differently depending on whether it is being observed or not being observed. During the act of measurement, the mathematical description abruptly shifts--from a spread-out range of possible attributes (unmeasured object) to single-valued actual attributes (measured object).

The word "mass" reminds me of attention-related words. For instance, the word "important" has the element of the Latin "importare" = to carry in". Important=strongly affecting the course of events or the nature of things - so there again i see how attention "creates" reality.

For the word mass i currently use "fixed attention".


yes i have read the book by Gary Chapman.
What you are referring to , i had in mind to make this part two of a series.

Here's the imaginary situation :
the mother rejects the way in which her husband pays her attention. next, she will find herself inhibited to radiate love to him. And so her desire to have children grows. The child will be a boy. He will then become her husband. This body needs love, and his mother is prepared to give him love, provided that he judges his father and finds him incompetent to love his mother. Next the boy receives love, he takes his father's place and suddenly he feels a deep emptiness inside. This boy has gone away from his place as a child. No longer has he got a father, no longer can he be a child.

For the holon, the chain of events, the karma, it does not matter whether you follow the boy into his marriage, where you can easily predict what kind of a woman he will marry and how similar his marriage will be; or to follow his mother back into her childhood, where she could not be a child and now, as a mother, wants to share her deepest feeling in the only way possible : by having her son experience as a child exactly what she as a child went through.

As for God, here's a quote from Bert Hellinger that resonates with me, about human greatness - which is essentially what the word God means for me:

Some time ago, I was reading texts of Kungtse. When I read these texts, I understood something about human greatness. What I understood from his writings was: What is greatest in human beings is what makes them equal to everybody else. Everything else that deviates higher or lower from what is common to all human beings makes us less. If we know this, we can develop a deep respect for every human being.
-- Bert Hellinger