Thursday, March 30, 2006

ATTN: what is this feeling of existential loneliness?

In my theory of attention , that is to say, in the attention language, i consider two primary senses to co-exist. One is the world of physical senses, of feelings, as the awareness of the inner world of attention, with intuition as its source. The other is the world of mental senses, of emotions, as the awareness of the outer world of reality, with mind as its source.

I believe the feeling of loneliness is at the crossroads of these two worlds.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The future of networking

( this post originally from YouShouldMeet )

The future of networking is evolving into the field of intuition. Movies like What The Bleep Do We Know, books like The Field by Lynn McTaggert, and websites like with the Epiture technology, they all lead us into the same future.

The future that i see is a future of synchronicity, the a-causale connection between people. And the people who are not dealmakers but people connectors, those people understand that their ego is in fact in the way of making any successfull introduction.

The future of business is going to change dramatically. And everything remains the same. What changes is the form, what remains is that teamwork creates a living organism.

Business is about the process of duplication, about getting the individual ego out of the way, and into the collectiveness. Arthur Koestler once wrote, "The altruism of the individual is the egoism of the group."

It may take some years to see this happen on a large scale. Some say the year is 2012, and fewer even include this year in their business development plan.

I look very much forward to what the future brings. And the future is what you make it.
Best regards, Ron

Thursday, March 16, 2006

ATTN: What is synchronicity?

Proposition 33. Things could have been produced by God in no other manner and in no other order than that in which they have been produced.

Demonstration. All things have necessarily followed from the given nature of God (Proposition 16), and from the necessity of His nature have been determined to existence and action in a certain manner (Proposition 29). If, therefore, things could have been of another nature, or could have been determined in another manner to action, so that the order of nature would have been different, the nature of God might then be different to that which it now is, and hence (Proposition 11) that different nature would necessarily exist, and there might consequently be two or more Gods, which (Proposition 14, Corollary I) is absurd. Therefore, things could be produced by God in no other manner and in no other order than that in which they have been produced. Q.E.D.

[source : Spinoza. Ethics. 2001. Hertfordshire:Wordsworth Editions Ltd.

I will spare you the Scholium 1 and 2.

To the question of what is synchronicity, i propose that (a) believing with all of my being, heart / soul / mind / all the rest, that the above statement is true, and therefore never to doubt reality, never to doubt the other person, and thus never to doubt myself ; and that (b) paying attention with all of my being, heart / soul / mind / all the rest, to HOW this is true, so in which manner and which order things are produced ; that this is synchronicity (by definition and in practise).