Saturday, February 17, 2007

How do miracles happen?

Hi Jim,

Recently a friend told me a personal story, how he and his wife went upstream to find the source of the Elbe river. He said he'd started out in Hamburg, Germany, where the Elbe is a large river floating through town. Then they went further upstream, into another country, until they were at a small stream. And even there they could go further up the stream to the source of this large river Elbe.

My friend said they ended up at a place where the stream was so small, only one foot wide.

I asked him if he tried stepping into this one-foot wide Elbe. He said no. I then asked if he thought that his step into the source of the Elbe would somehow run this large Elbe river dry, further downstream in this city called Hamburg. Again he said no he thought this would not happen.

I consider this a miracle. When we think of a source, we think of something larger than the outcome / the produce. But reality is different.

I wonder if your question makes sense when we assume that the flow of our thought is naturally towards downstream, with our body sensing towards source which is upstream.

Perhaps miracles are miracles only when we look downstream?

Our body contains the brains, and yet these same brains tell us that we can imagine our body. Which one is larger?

The acheology of the word miracle shows the latin word for "to wonder at".

My suggestion would be to wonder at the direction of thought, and whether this direction is upstream or downstream direction.

Hope this helps.
Best regards, and thanks much for your endorsement,
Your buddy Ron