Sunday, September 04, 2005

ATTN: What do we want to experience in life?

I once had this wonderful experience. We were in this group, doing a thoughtstorm. And the question was : "what do we want to experience in life?". We went through all the stages, first to get undressed intellectually by showing off "he he look at me how clever i am, look how funny my answers are, how i can beat any question"; then do sink into this loneliness of "i don't know, nothing's right and i really want to quit this stupid thoughtstorm RIGHT NOW"; until we got into this third stage, beyond the waterfall, where one of us said "Yes!" and we all thought she would come up with the answer that we were all waiting for; and she would only repeat "YES!|" until we understood the elegance and simplicity of this answer. Yes, all we want to experience in life is "yes!".