Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is humanity responsible for the earth?

while we are alive we should do what we can
but the idea that humanity is responsible for the earth is like saying a child is responsible for their mother.

no one on earth has travelled deeper than 6 km into the earth's center
we can not know her, as we can not know our parents

the way out imho is to accept that we ARE our parents, that we are made up from them, that we carry their thoughts, their genes, their beliefs
in the same sense the way out is imho to accept that we ARE the earth and that we ARE the sun
i think this is what is happening to us today

the human mind is slowly recovering from a long term malnutrition in terms of attention
guilt has no place in this - instead we should consider that we can not be in control while we are sick

initiatives such as WeForest show that we want to become healthy again
so my belief is that it is not the trees themselves who will rescue us, but our attitude towards our parents

humility, gratitude, and playfullness once we're feeling better, are the way forward

warmest regards Ron
(fellow human being)