Saturday, January 28, 2012

The impossibility to share an experience

After my mother died, december 2003,
i spent at least one night per week with my father.

Week after week,
he would tell me the same story,
over and over again.

I had been practicing my belief system,
and the latest belief i experimented with was:
"i want what i get".

No longer would an opinion about this repetition suffice,
no longer could i get away with my wish to be spared from this same story.
it happened in my reality, so i needed ask my self: "why does this happen in my life?"

and, after some weeks,
i began to understand.

i sat with my father,
and said to him:
"you know, i think i understand.
you want to share an experience!
but, you know what?
until i have had this experience that you speak of,
i will not know what you are talking about.
and when i have had this experience,
i will already know what you tell me."

my father, at that point,
said nothing, he just smiled,
and never again told me that specific story.