Sunday, July 24, 2005

ATTN: Three attention exercises

EXERCISE#1 : accessing your intuition
Start by sitting on a chair, with both feet on the ground. Your hands are palm up lying on your thighs. Then you pay attention to your body, with no intention of finding. If you try, if you do your best, then you won´t succeed. Your mind will may come along, wanting to know what´s going on. If it does, then picture yourself putting your arm around your mind and inviting it to sit next to you, while paying attention to your body. Think of your body as a shy child, it won´t come out if you demand it. You need to be gentle and soft. Then you may notice anywhere in your body or even just outside, in the aura, that there is an area that wants your attention. When you notice this, pay attention to the borders of this area. You will know the borders because inside the area is asked for attention and outside the area there is no asking for attention. Just pay attention to the borders of this area, with no other wish than to give it the attention that it asks for.

EXERCISE#2 : accessing your passion
To access your passion, first you need to have a question. A question is the opening tunnel to your passion. By asking the question you can feel the energy coming out of this question. Your mind will want to give answers. When it does, you simply say thank you to your mind, have a look at the answer, then put it aside and go back to the question. You will notice if the question still holds energy. Ask yourself a better question. Use the answers to find a better question. A better question is a question with more energy in it.
When you have found a question, do EXERCISE#1, but this time, find the area inside your body where your question is. Then pay attention to the borders of this area. You will notice the borders of the area because inside the area there is this question, and outside the area there is not this question. Just pay attention to the borders and ask the area things like "who are you" or "what can i do for you". Remember, trying hard is the best way to fail. If your mind comes along, consider it to be your best friend, or maybe you can view your mind to be your child; you put your arms around your mind and invite it to sit next to you while the two of you pay attention to the area with the question.
Sometimes you can feel how this area expands, and you just go along with it. Even if it expands to the universe and beyond, you just go with it and pay attention to its borders.

EXERCISE#3 : accessing the inner world of attention
When you do EXERCISE#2, you can sometimes feel a centre in your passion. Then, while paying attention to the borders of the area, you fall through this center. Your mind does not know how to do it, so you really need to take responsibility by inviting your mind to sit next to you. Remember you are not your mind, but your mind is part of you, as is your body. When you fall through this centre, you may find yourself in another area. Just repeat this EXERCISE#3 by locating the physical exponent of this area, and pay attention to its borders. You can view this "falling through" as a stack of areas. The bottom of this stack, just before you enter the inner world of attention, is the transitional area of life and death. To some people it is most frightening, while others just notice "hey i know this area, i've been there before". No need to worry in either case, it is the passage to your inner self, where you will find the one that you have always been but maybe have not seen for a long, long time.

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