Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ATTN: My rendez-vous with a clairvoyant...

This week i met a lady, she runs a business in change management. She says she has been clairvoyant as a kid, but it was beaten out of her by her mother. Only recently she has managed to change this situation, and she starts to experience clairvoyance again. In her own words "suddenly i started to wonder how it must have been for my mother to beat up her own child". I guess that is what forgiveness really is : to let go of a better past - and this has nothing to do with the other person.

In a dream she saw a friend and his two young kids in an accident. He was drowning in deep water and his kids dived in to save him. She asked me the question : "should i tell him about my dream?" From other experiences she had learned that these dreams of hers become reality.

I asked her if she felt responsible for him. I asked this because in my view this same issue reflects her relationship with her mother - how can a child judge about what her mother does to her and not be affected at the same time? We talked some more, and then i asked what, in her view, could be the reason that this friend would need the experience of being rescued by his children. Suddenly she remembered how this friend - he was her karate teacher - used to be a shy kid, with a similar history of being beaten up by his father as she had experienced with her mother.

When we got to this point, she could see how he and she had crossed paths - both to learn from each other. And then she realized that she could offer him something , something that would make the reality of her dream no longer necessary.
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