Saturday, November 20, 2004

PoD: the rock concert example

What i'm about to say is PoD from the past - it's what i've come up with so far. I hope with this thread to interact, or "seduce people". I believe in dialogue - multiple people creating what neither one could on her/his own.

Now, for the concept of PoD, it is streaming. This means you don't pay in advance, nor do you get a refund. You can never borrow this type of "money", nor can you have it in your pocket; all of this because it is streaming.

I'll try to visualize the concept of streaming. The way I see it, you negotiate about the price in everlasting dialogue, i.e. you negotiate about the price each and every millisecond. Also, each time the price has been settled, you make this one transaction. Mind you, "one" indicates there's a beginning and an end to it, but really the duration of both negotiation and delivery is a split-second thing. Under a microscope you would probably see that negotiation takes place during delivery, because the concept of time and place would no longer hold under such circumstances. After the split-second the whole process starts again. Ofcourse this is not what you would see on a human-conscious level. On a conscious level, you would see that the stream goes as long as the both of you want it to go; it stops as soon as either one closes the channel.

To further visualize: think of attention as the "money". Where do you keep your attention if you don't spend it? Where will you borrow attention if you are short of it? What happens to your attention stream when you listen to someone talking to you and all of a sudden something else "draws" your attention? At first, it may look like one stream of attention, directed to the person and later on to this new object. But when this person calls your name, you will realize that you are still with this person. Ergo, suddenly there are two streams.

Please let me know if this makes any sense. I find it hard to express the very essence of it - yes the same with attention. Imagine a horizontal timeline, from past to present to future. The Tao moment of "now" is not on this timeline, it's a sideway (left and/or right turn) from the present. PoD is the transaction on this vertical dimension.

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