Tuesday, January 25, 2005

ATTN: attention and the flow of time

Let me start by saying i have no idea what FLOW is in the context of attention.

In my current understanding, time only exists within this part of the human complex that i would refer to as the head-brains. Recent re-discovery of the BELLY BRAIN made me realize that there is some EVIDENCE for a physical distribution of attention. Hence i came up with the metaphore of the electric circuit.

I believe the attention river is like a CPU, it can never stop unless it is powered off. So where does this attention go? Part of the attention will go to the mind (as part of the head-brains). This mind, a tool as far as i'm concerned, is like a serial device. It can only do one thing at a time. Therefore, it needs these four dimensions of length, width, height and time. Kant may have mentioned even more dimensions. The fact that time and space really originate from the same source needs imo no further explanation.

Now, consider the fact that cause and effect are mere points along a time line. A mind cannot view them together, because its a serial device. But if i choose to send my attention to some other part of the human complex than the mind, for instance to this belly brain, then synchronicity starts to appear - which is ofcourse just a word the mind uses for something totally beyond its abilities.

What i am trying to say is - when time seems to slow down, like F1 racers report to happen when they are driving top speed - the attention river flows less into the head-brains, and more into other parts of the human complex. Currently i think that about 99.9% flows directly into my unconscious mind, which i call my transparent belief system. If the saying "time is your most valuable asset" is true, then i believe we human beings have infinite assets. Howmuch wealth is beyond unlimited wealth? What if i could decrease this waste of attention for as little as 0.1% ? Would it double my amount of energy?

With my quest for "What is attention?" i seek ways of exploiting this unlimited wealth. My Ecademy club Attention as a product is only a first attempt. The word "training" comes to mind...

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