Thursday, March 30, 2006

ATTN: what is this feeling of existential loneliness?

In my theory of attention , that is to say, in the attention language, i consider two primary senses to co-exist. One is the world of physical senses, of feelings, as the awareness of the inner world of attention, with intuition as its source. The other is the world of mental senses, of emotions, as the awareness of the outer world of reality, with mind as its source.

I believe the feeling of loneliness is at the crossroads of these two worlds.

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elsy said...

yeah sure!! - when the intuition and emotions meet them .. and they found it's so empty around .. in ...

do you remember the Alberto Moravia "Boredom" .. Fantastic example of that existential loneliness, perfectly called by him "boredom" - thinking it as that deep notpossible to be extracted and thrown out of us inner boredom to live in balance with ourself..