Sunday, December 02, 2007

Experiencing the three dimensions of persistence

This article expands on one of my previous articles, Movements in bilocality

The basic word in persistence is : sistence

Three dimensions of sistence are :

  1. The first dimension is the mind. Mind can only see borders. These are experienced as apparently opposites: parts of a whole that the mind can never experience.
    The opposites are : "in" and "ex".
    So there is in-sistence and ex-sistence.

    Note that the etymology of the word existent (without the extra 's') is from Latin exsistent-, exsistens, present participle of exsistere

  2. The second dimension is the body. Body can not see (= create) form, instead it can only feel content. This content is felt as one whole. The body can never experience the parts of this whole.
    The whole is : "re".
    So there is re-sistence experienced from the body, which is the swing of "in-sistence" and "ex-sistence" as experienced by the mind.

    From the mind perspective, re-sistence is the pause at the end of each part of the swing. Breathing in and out (= ex), the buddhists contemplate this pause in this swing as the entrance / exit to another dimension.

    To fully understand the relativity of perspective, consider mind and body as bilocality : two apparently opposite perspectives on one and the same area.
    To insist is the opposite movement from exsist
    Insistence plus existence are together the feeling of resistence
    Insistence / resistence / existence / resistence = the four seasons, the full cycle of breathing

  3. The third dimension is that which mind and body co-create. It is a feeling of growth, of "moving forward", an experience of something that "shines through" the outer appearance. Like annual rings on a tree, the tree's recordings of its "ex/re/in/re" cycles
    This forward thing is "per"
    So we have per-sistence as the third dimension

Now you try, using these three dimensions, with other basic (movement) words like

  • press: in-press, ex-press, re-press, per-press.
  • tend: in-tend, ex-tend, re-tend, per-tend.
  • cite: in-cite, ex-cite, re-cite, per-cite.

You will find that some words are yet non-existing.
Perhaps you find other things, that you would like to share ?

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Ronald Wopereis said...

spire: in-spire, ex-spire, re-spire, per-spire

from Latin inspirare, from in- + spirare to breathe

from Latin exspirare, from ex- + spirare to breathe

from Latin respirare, from re- + spirare to blow, breathe

from Latin per- through + spirare to blow, breathe

Ronald Wopereis said...

fuse: in-fuse, ex-fuse, re-fuse, per-fuse

to cause to be permeated with something

exfuse: (modern spelling: effuse)
to pour out (a liquid)

to express oneself as unwilling to accept

to cause to flow or spread

Ronald Wopereis said...

sult: from (Latin) saltare = to leap

in-sult = to spring upon
ex-sult = to leap up (modern spelling: exult)
re-sult = to rebound
per-sult = ???

Ronald Wopereis said...