Wednesday, November 17, 2004

PoD: a quantum theory of Economics

My long term goal is to initiate the creation of a new form of economic transaction, which i called Pay on Demand (hereafter : PoD). A few years ago, I talked to the manager of a large bank here in Holland, who was responsible for the new business development. He thought the idea was great, but in his opinion no single company could provide the infrastructure required to implement PoD.

I never gave up though, and in further exploring the PoD concept, i developed this idea of a first implementation of PoD, which is attention as a product. The quest for what attention really is - there's another thread here at the club where you can join in. In the thread presented here, I would like to invite you all in on the further exploration of PoD concepts. I hope that the findinds in this thread will lead to a better understanding of attention and vice versa.

The very essence of PoD lies in the granularity of transactions going towards infinity. PoD is not based upon trading in terms of give and receive atomic entities. PoD is based upon streams of zero-second transactions that in accumulated masses of zillions per second look like a traditional (=batchwise) transaction. In this way, PoD is the analogue (or rather: dialogue) way of doing business.

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