Tuesday, January 25, 2005

ATTN: Solve et Coagula

About time and speed.

There is this wonderful law of two in nature, the law of apparently opposites, in this case the apparently opposites of space (m) and time(h) ==> speed (mph).

Paradox exists only because we have the wrong perception or assumption.

One of the observations is that they look opposite (i.e. 2 dimensions) but really they are not (i.e. 1 dimension, or more accurate 0 dimensions). The reason that i think they are opposite is that i stand in between them, and i cannot see them both. So i project one to bend like 90 degrees. This way i can see both. But still i cannot see myself within this dimension. Hence the flaw.

A few months ago i attended an open class on astrology. The teacher had this great way of showing the movements of the planets. One of us stood in the middle of the class, she was the sun. A second person was the earth, about 3 ft away from the sun. I was the moon. The teacher said to me go run reverse clockwise around the earth. And to the earth he said go walk reverse clockwise around the sun. The sun should just stand still.

And so we did. During this exercise i had to accelerate when coming from behind the earth, and slow down in my orbit when ahead of the earth. Afterwards the teacher asked me : so what did you feel? And i said it feels like my orbit is elastic, like i make this egg-shape movement. He said yes you have just felt the orbit as it occurs in reality.

I can not even begin to tell u what a huge impact this experience, this circle which does not feel like a circle, had on my perception of reality. The experience was like an earthquake to me. Within this law of two there is this other observation of SOLVE ET COAGULA. I could feel all these observations at one time, how they are essentially the same: separate and unite, dissolve and bind, contract and (??? - like breathing out).

With attention directed towards other parts of the human complex (body + electric shields + ...) it is possible to "feel" this. I think in each person there are instruments that we seldom use, not because they are extinct but because we have learned to serve all of our attention to our mind. To be able to regulate attention means to me to have the ability to make choices in life. I have this feeling that more than 98% of my attention goes directly into my belief system. I want to undo this. And because i am the world, if i can undo the whole world will notice. I hope to create a new way of teaching, but it is as hard for me to surpass my mind as it is for anybody else. So i need to bring it the outside, by projection, by dialogue. I see this happen with you the reader and me the writer. We're on this road together.

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