Sunday, January 30, 2005

ATTN: attention and the critical moment

I concentrate on Wealth Dynamics because the feeling inside me is that it is the same model as the attention model. And the best part of it is : it has been worked out, it is a stable product. This mirror of WD is the one least moving, and therefore the best entrance for me to hold the attention model against.


In my attempt to convert the wealth formula into an attention formula, i came across this problem with the formula where this one dimension was missing. This can be easily seen, as there are 8 profiles and only two dimensions (value and leverage).

Now in the dialogue we want to avoid the "not invented here" syndrome. So i started out by assuming the formula is totally correct, and only then search for what is missing. I have come to the conclusion that leverage has two dimensions, not one. As such it can be written as A x B.

2**3 = 8 right? wealth = value x leverage seems to have only 2 dimensions. now lets have a look at them.


WEALTH = VALUE x { A x B }

2 polarities of value: innovation and timing.
Innovation is value created through new products, systems, ideas.
Timing is value created by buying low, selling high, timing the deal.

This is the dimension of space (innovation) and time (timing). This dimension of "serial time" is just another mental space dimension. Innovation is spring (new), going from innovation to timing is summer, timing is autumn (harvest), going from timing to innovation is winter. The value part is the visible or static part of the equasion.

2 polarities of leverage: multiply and magnify.
Multiply is reducing to lowest level: "How can this be done without me?"
Magnify is increasing to highest level: "How can this only be done with me?"

Accepting the formula to be correct, and also accepting the space/time dimension to be correct, which is VALUE, it means that the leverage part has the dynamic part of the equasion. There is another possibility which i ponder upon, and maybe we should investigate this further. It is the possibility that the equasion in itself is static. Look at it as a photograph of life. It is correct everytime you look, but it is not life itself because life can be photographed but is not a picture itself. This other possibility would therefore introduce the life part, or quantum part, or uncertainty principle, or whatever you would call it.

For a sportsman who is controlling time, at the critical moments they increase their processing speed and slow down time and hit the ball just right. When they look back at the game, the critical moments are very vivid, and the gaps in between appear to have gone by very fast.

Now, back to the formula. In terms of attention, VALUE is the source of attention (INPUT -> BLACK BOX -> OUTPUT). So VALUE is the part where attention is coming from. LEVERAGE is the destination of attention (OUTPUT). So LEVERAGE is the part where attention is going to. Now we have two dimensions: VALUE is paying attention to what is inside a person, while LEVERAGE is paying attention to what is outside a person.

Example#1: I am a supporter. On the VALUE axis i score ZERO, on the LEVERAGE axis i score MAX. Essentially what this means is that i am a parasite. I do not use any of my own attention (VALUE), i use all of other people's attention (LEVERAGE).

Example#2: I am a creator. On the VALUE axis i score MAX, on the LEVERAGE axis i score ZERO. Essentially what this means is that inside me there is a source of attention that needs to get out of my system as quickly as possible. I use all of my own attention (VALUE), i use none of other people's attention (LEVERAGE).

Please remember that this is not about morale. It is about streaming. If there is only creators, the system will block because the outside space is quickly filled with attention until it blocks. The stream cannot continue until some other profile takes in attention, thus making space for creators to fill up the outside again. This is why Supporter and Creator make such a great attention stream.

However, the third dimension is the BLACK BOX. And this is where 4 profiles become 8 profiles. It is the QUANTUM dimension of IMPLODE versus EXPLODE, of disappear (black hole) versus appear (the introduction of parallel time, speeding up, etc.). I wonder what label is appropriate?

An entrepreneur who is controlling time will look back and see that their times of greatest opportunity can be replayed frame-by-frame and in fact their entire wealth creation was created in these critical moments. Everything in between was just filling.

The four primary profiles : CREATOR, SUPPORTER, TRADER and LORD. They do not want to keep the attention in the BLACK BOX. They want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. In the summary below i will call this REJECT.
The four secondary profiles : STAR, DEAL MAKER, ACCUMULATOR and MECHANIC. They are completely happy to keep the attention in the BLACK BOX. In the summary below i will call this ACCEPT.
Here's the time element. Here's the critical moment. This is about timing, but really it is about attention.

Summary: The Attention Profile Square
CREA: SRC=inside BB=reject DST=outside
STAR: SRC=inside BB=accept DST=outside
SUPP: SRC=outside BB=reject DST=outside
DEAL: SRC=outside BB=accept DST=outside
TRAD: SRC=inside BB=reject DST=inside
ACCU: SRC=inside BB=accept DST=inside
LORD: SRC=outside BB=reject DST=inside
MECH: SRC=outside BB=accept DST=inside

Please continue the dialogue. These are only my first thoughts. Your input is highly appreciated (since i'm a supporter lol).


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