Monday, January 24, 2005

ATTN: speed and volume

Speed (value) and volume (leverage) are shown in the attention picture.


Attention is like the water in the river. In itself it means nothing, just like the paper of which money is made of means nothing, despite the millions invested in the techniques used to make the paper uncopyable.

With VOLTAGE --> VALUE --> it is the diff between the amount of attention that i PAY and RECEIVE.

With AMPERE --> LEVERAGE --> it is the number of "attention particles" passing by at any given moment. It is like the WIDTH of the RIVER.

Here is the attention quality:
- pure attention can be mixed with INTEREST --> if i think something is important then i will give it more attention; hence the attention will get dense (basic belief = called the EGO) and thus the flow (speed) will decrease.
("interest is part of my identity")
- pure attention can be mixed with JUDGEMENT --> if i think something is absolutely true then i will no longer see any evidence against it.
("the more transparent my belief, the more certain i are of being right")

How to spend attention?
- i can spend attention on RESISTANCE

Resistance is like the leverage. The more resistance, the wider the river, the slower the attention stream. Resistance is measured in OHM. The (transparent) belief that i pay attention to (e.g. the EGO) is like the lamp in an electric circuit.
Interesting thing about the lamp is that its resistance changes with temperature (= EMOTION).

This is just a short introduction to what attention is from my "view from the hill" hillside. But please do not agree with me yes or no, because then you are stuck (Krishnamurti). Let us find out together.

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