Thursday, February 24, 2005

ATTN: am i right?

Recently i read a book by Brandon Bays called The Journey. I forgot just about anything in the book when i read this one sentence near the end. It struck me like nothing before. It said: Never doubt the other person.

As far as i understand it now, it translates somewhere along the lines like this: as long as i feel any doubt, no matter how small, that i would have acted or thought any other way than the other person has done, then it is me who does not understand the other person completely. In other words, when i really understand the other person, there is no more difference in action or in thought between me and the other person.

This is the road from not-knowing to knowing. Krishnamurti uses unknowing, which is the road from knowing to not-knowing. The latter is what we use here on this forum and it is called dialogue. Essentially these are the same, but sometimes the one is on the surface and the other is down below, sometimes it is the other way round. This is also law of two, the law of apparently opposites.

While i type this i try to figure out if this makes any sense. Please don't say yes or no, find out yourself. Let us share our views.
Let the dialogue commence...
One can not change and remain the same person.

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