Monday, February 28, 2005

ATTN: book Winning by Sharing - Leon Benjamin

In his forthcoming book 'Winning by sharing', Leon mentions Decisionality.

What the paragraph tells me is that the granularity of our product 'Attention' could be as small as a quark. While the current paradigm is one person selling his or her attention for 8 hours a day, we might in fact consider selling particles of attention of 50,000 ecademy members, or maybe 1 billion people worldwide on the internet, in a totally new way.

I wonder what the implications are. There have been some experiments back in 1993 with the Washington DC police and 4,000 TM people concurrently praying for violence crime rates to decrease. The hypothesis was that HRA crime rates would drop with as much as 25% during that particular summer. And guess what? They did.

Just to give you the idea of what is possible. Well, hoping to shake you into the next gear.
Looking fwd to experience your valuable resonance.
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One can not change and remain the same person.

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