Sunday, March 13, 2005

ATTN: Can we as global community grow more by paying attention to postive energy?

By paying attention to the so-called "negative energy" - which is fighting it, rejecting the message inside - i make the negative energy stronger. The other action, neglecting what is negative and paying attention to what is called "positive" - is essentially the same. Both create instability and thus a vacuum on the other side. The way to get out is to do away with morality, and support with energy whatever side needs it, until there is an equilibrium. I think what the TM group did was not to fight the crime, but show compassion and acknowledge the existance of violent crime as a fact, as a sign that there is something in society that calls for attention, something that has a message for those who enforce the "positive". It is this attitude, this acknowledgement that good and bad are both needed, that is bringing about the change. The bad wants to deliver the message, the TM energy is to encourage them to say "yes we understand you need to express yourself, feel free to choose your own way of doing it". And by offering a choice to those criminals, they are finally getting the sought-for attention, and the crime is no longer necessary.

The child that is not getting attention will demand it, either positive or negative. For grown up people it is nothing other than this, only then we call it crime and judge about it. When the king asked Confucius "how can i stop crime in my country", Confucius said: "stop being greedy yourself, then the people will not be criminal even if you reward them for it".

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Freedom is about stopping the past
- Lawrence Lessig

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