Saturday, March 26, 2005

ATTN: What's driving the information inside our minds?

Just this morning i read about the pharmaceutical industry - they sell new diseases for their current products. The way they do it is by first having the new diseases added to the official DSM IV category system and then sponsoring research, doctors and especially the media to suggest a broader definition of the new disease - or should i say : they make it vague. An example is the use of Prozac as a medication for social anxiety

What happens next is that the aware customer says : i suffer from social anxiety. Then (s)he goes to the doctor and claims the Prozac medication.

Taking this example, the question indeed arises as to what is driving the information inside our minds? Consider the patients view: "a quick fix" versus "long years of therapy". Consider the health insurance view: achievement / performance versus quality. Consider the governments view: the framework versus the individual. Consider the producers view: we sell new diseases for our current products.

What happens inside our minds?
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