Monday, March 28, 2005

PoD: How to sell the free space inside your refrigerator?

These days the Internet has a new technology. It is called peer to peer (p2p) technology. I dont know how it works, but it offers some new opportunities. p2p lets me expose my assets in a shop window and publish it on the Internet. Other people can peek through the window and see my published assets.

As an example : i copied my music collection to my computer. Then i downloaded LimeWire and shared all of my music with the rest of the world. I need not even be at home when people come and download my music.

This example is possible today. What is next to come?

I imagine visiting a friend in lets say Amsterdam this afternoon at 15.00 hours. Then i go tell the world about my plan in my shop window. Next, someone else using the p2p software, would find my trip and make use of it. "Ron would you mind taking this package with me?"

I dont want to go to the supermarket so i get my p2p software and find somebody who is actually there right now. I would know this because they published their visit to the supermarket as a service. Then i could message him or her using the same p2p software and ask that they could bring milk and beer to my place on their way home.

I imagine making part of my house into a service area. My refrigerator is half empty and i dont use my washing machine this afternoon. Much like the money outlet is not in the bank and yet not out the bank, my service area is not in my house and yet it is not outside my house. I publish free time slots on my washing machine, and free space in my refrigerator.

What else would be possible using p2p? What would you like the p2p software to do for you?
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