Friday, April 07, 2006

EU: the statement on LinkedIN

I have a dream that communities become the servant leader of communities.

I believe there is a place for each one of us. This place i call home, a place you can not earn, a place no one can show you. When at this place, we experience flow. When we're outside this place, our attention can not flow and we need to get rid of the superfluous attention by solving problems; or if we run low on problems, by creating problems first and then continue solving them.

We need to acknowledge the fact that there is a place for each and every one of us. That being different is natural, because each of our places is at different locations. The state of abundance is the natural state of every human being.

Servant leaders are women and men who are able to receive the superfluous attention; not to keep, but to forward onto the essence of the community, the very reason why these people are together.

It is my place to be one of those servant leaders. That's where i feel at home.

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