Friday, July 14, 2006

ATTN: Pleading guilty

Think 1,000s of years
Think how the women were oppressed
and how, at the dawn of this millennium,
the women are asking the men to listen to her accusation
of violence
of suppression
of distance,
of resistence to she, who is his source and destiny.

Where are the men ,
who will not run away
when the women need to look him straight into the face
when they tell him of all their sufferings?

This is a story in small, within one family
it is a story of female versus male energy balance
it is the story of Kerry Santo and Modo Fac Central
of Nefertiti and Akhenaton
your story, my story
it's bigger than just you and me,
can't you see ?

The woman needs the man, more than ever,
to acknowledge what he did to her for centuries,
to say "yes we did", to plead guilty to the accusations of the women

The message needs to be heard
only then
it is possible for her to show her love
that which has never left her

There need not be a penalty
Nelson Mandela showed us how.
Just this acknowledge, this seeing of the suffering of the women
and that it should end.

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Annette Wessels said...

Wat prachtig, dankjewel. Groet van annette wessels