Monday, January 15, 2007

PG: How a little girl showed the path to freedom

This weekend i was offered free attendance to a millonaire mind's weekend.

On saturday, it became clear to me that my next question would be : "how do i let go of my freedom?"

On sunday morning, i waited for the bus, studying clouds, wondering why my attention is always at the other side of the river, when a little girl and her father approached. She was waving hands at me and yelling 'hello!" from her side-wheeled bicyle, as if she was saying to me "help is on its way".

Indeed they sat right behind me, and i paid attention as to how she would show me the way. What happened next was, she got to sit at the window seat, and while the bus was driving, she exclaimed 'Look, daddy, i am looking out the window! " I could sense her joy that the act of looking itself gave her, sense it with all my senses.

So there and then i understood that freedom is gone as soon as i am free. All the way from the bus stop to the venue, i laughed out loud of sheer joy.

Simplicity rulez !!!
Best regards, Ron

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Deborah Kayatani said...

A fleeting gift in Europe, pure unadulterated joy.

Not narcotic, all natural, rare.

It was possible to Europe, all of Earth, all Christians before the year 2000 and now we have to catch up.

Erradicate items as the same, Narcotics = Weapons, and we've just solved Earth's problems!

India's heritage is of the "Silk Road" easily acknowledged as of intelligence without the trail spices.